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Changes in 2.1.0

Form Tools 2.1.0 introduced some big changes/ This page is for existing 2.0.x users who want a quick overview of the changes to get up speed.

  • Form Tools now differentiates between Internal and External forms.
  • The WYSIWYG field type has been moved to a separate module. The same options are available but no longer found in the Settings tabset. Now you configure the default settings through the module.
  • The Edit Form -> Database tab has been removed, and all the information to manage the fields is now found on the Edit Form -> Fields tab.
  • Form Tools 2.1.0 now offers new field types: 2.1.0 was designed to be more flexible in the way these field types work. You can have any number of settings, and customize them through the Custom Fields module. You can also use the Google Maps field type (a separate module).
  • Lots of interface updates! All sortable lists (options, settings, Views, Fields etc.) are now sortable by drag-and-drop, rather than entering in a number in a field then resubmitting the form. Alert and confirmation popups are now attractive dialog windows instead.
  • Field Option Groups are now called Option Lists, and the options can be grouped together for better organization.
  • There's a new tab on the Edit View page that lets you control exactly which fields show up as columns, and let you control their widths and how the data should be truncated to fit on the page the best.