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System Requirements

Form Tools has pretty basic server requirements, enabling it to run on the vast majority of web servers.

  • Form Tools 2 requires PHP 4.3+ and supports up to PHP 5
  • Form Tools 3 requires PHP 5.3+ and supports PHP 7
  • MySQL 4+
  • PHP Sessions (after installation, you can move to database sessions by setting the $g_session_type variable in your config.php file)
  • PHP mail() function or SMTP for sending emails (see the Swift Mailer module for further information on the SMTP option)

You will need a MySQL user account which has permissions to create new tables within a database. If you are not sure about this, you should contact your hosting company.

You will need to be able to set folder permissions on on your website. Specifically, for file uploads, your upload folder(s) will need to have write permissions. Also, the Smarty cache folder will need to have full write-permissions to let the temporary files be created. That file is found at /themes/[theme name]/cache.

If you have a choice of servers, I would strongly recommend choosing a UNIX environment. In the past, the vast majority of problems have occurred on Windows servers.