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Google Maps Field

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Google Maps Field
Google Maps Field

This module lets you embed a Google Maps fields into your form, so users can view an address on a map instead of with a plain input field. This module can be used for Internal forms and Form Builder forms; for your own forms (External forms) you'll need to handle the google map integration yourself.

Note: this field requires an internet connection. It connects directly to Google's servers to dole up the map information. So no working locally without internet!

How to Use

  • After installing the module, go to Modules » Google Maps and enter your Google Maps key. Google requires this to be set for anyone using their service.
  • Now go to the Forms -> Edit Form page for any form that you would like to add a Google Maps field to.
  • There, on the Fields tab, locate the appropriate field (or add a new one), and in the "Field Type" column, select "Google Maps".
  • Click Update.
  • Lastly, click the toggle icon at the top-right of the screen. That icon lets you switch between the last viewing submission data page you went to (Submission Listing / Edit Submission) and the last Edit Form page. If it doesn't take you to the Edit Submission page, edit a submission: behold the beauty of the Google Maps field!

So far so good. So how does the field work? Well, all you need to do is enter an address in the field that appears above the Google Map. After you click the Update button to the right, it will attempt to locate the address and show the appropriate map coordinates.

"Your Location" button

Version 2.1.0 added a new "Your Location" button that, when clicked, focuses the map on your current coordinates. This button only appears on secure websites (https) due to a limitation in how the web API works.