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Google Maps Field

Configuration Options

Google Maps Field - Field Options
Google Maps Field - Field Options

The Google Maps Field offers just a few, simple configuration options, as shown in the screenshot to the right.

Map Size
This setting controls the height of the map field in the page. There are four options, defaulting to "Medium".
Show Lat/Lng when editing
If the actual lat/lng coordinates are useful you can set this setting to "Yes". Once enabled, it will show the latitude and longitude in text underneath the map. Any time you change the address it will automatically update the visible coordinates.
This controls how the field should be displayed on the Submission Listing page and in the exported results (i.e. via the Export Manager). By default, it's set to show the address, but you can change it here to show the coordinates instead.
Field Comments
This setting should be familiar! All field types have the option of providing a comments section at the bottom of the field to provide whatever explanation you need to the user.