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Main Tab

Main Tab

Edit View -> Main tab #2
Edit View -> Main tab #2

The main tab contains the main, general settings for your View. Here's where you go to specify permissions and other such important info. As of 2.1.x, you can also come here to specify default values for your form submissions added within the Form Tools interface. This is a particularly nice addition - read below for more information.

View Name
This value is used to identify the View. It appears in both the administrator's and the client's UI. Generally you'll want to enter something human-friendly that clearly describes what information the View is encapsulating.
Submissions per page
This determines the number of submissions that should appear in the main submission listing page. It affects all people accessing the View via the Form Tools UI.
Default Sort Order
This value defaults to Submission Date descending (i.e. most recent first) for all new Views, but you can change it to whatever you need. Sometimes it can be beneficial to sort alphabetically, for example. Two tips:
  • Bear in mind that you DO have the option to allow any column to be sortable - this may be set on the Fields tab.
  • Even though this field lets you select any form field to acts as the default sort order, you should probably choose a field that you specify in the Edit View » Columns tab. That way, if the user changes the sort order on the Submission Listing page, they can always click the original column to achieve the old sort order. If you chose a field for the default sort order that isn't a column, it could be a bit weird for the user!
This option lets you determine who can see the View. For more information on this setting, see View Permissions page.
Can add submissions
This option hides / shows the "Add ยป" button on the main submission listing page and on the individual Edit Submission pages. This affects both client and administrator accounts. Tip: to control the label of this button, go to the Edit Form » main tab.
Default Values for New Submissions
This section appears when "Can add submissions" is set to "yes". It lets you to specify default values for submission fields when added through the Form Tools interface. All you need to do is add those fields that you would like to contain default values, and specify exactly what values you want them to have. This section is very important if your View has filters. Filters limit what submissions appear in the View. So unless your submission contains values that match the criteria you entered immediately after the submission is created, it may appear that creating a submission does nothing - since you can never view the submission in your View.

Since version 3.0.13 of the Core, you can also enter the following placeholders. These work for any Form Tools user account (admin or client) and will have their values replaced with their content.

  • {$EMAIL}
  • {$LAST_NAME}

You may also use placeholders from the Extended Client Fields module here to add values from those fields. That module (version 2.1.0 and later) lists the available placeholders.

Can copy submissions
This option hides / shows the Copy button on the submission listing page. It allows users to make copies selected submissions. By default this button is hidden.
Can delete submissions
This option hides / shows the Delete button on the main submission listing page and on the individual Edit Submission pages. This affects both client and administrator accounts.