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Views can be targeted to specific audiences. Sometimes, you may find all of the form data should only be visible by the administrator, or that one or other subset of the form data should should be seen by particular client accounts. No problem! By mapping the permissions to the Views instead of the actual form, you get a huge amount of control over who sees what.

On the Edit View ยป Main tab, there's an "Access" field. This lets you choose who can see the View. The options are:

  • Administrator only
  • Public (all clients have access)
  • Private (only specific clients have access)
  • Hidden

The "Administrator only" option is straightforward: nobody except you will ever see the View. Public Views are automatically seen by everyone. This can be a convenient way to set the View permissions since they will be automatically visible to all clients associated with the form - including those that haven't been created yet. Setting a View to "Public" saves you the bother of having to manually configure the permissions for each new user as they are created.

Also, the "Public" access type for Views is slightly different than the "Public" access type for forms. If you set a View to public, it will still only show up for those clients assigned to the form - not all clients in the database. Views will never be displayed for any users that aren't assigned to the form to which it belongs.

The Private option lets you pinpoint precisely which clients can see the View.

The Hidden option is handy if you want to create Views for programmatic purposes but don't want them to show up for anyone.

Omit Lists

Both public forms and public Views have omit lists. This can be convenient if you have a situation where you want the convenience of the public access type (so it's automatically) visible to newly created accounts, but you still don't want specific user accounts to have access.

As you'd expect, the omit list for a form is also inherited by any of its Views. If a form has a "public" access level but John Smith is on the omit list, then he will never be able to see any of its Views, regardless of their access level.