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Facebook Forms

Create a custom View

Facebook form: creating View
Facebook form: creating View

The next step is to create a View of the form that contains only those fields we need to see. This is very similar to creating Views for use in Form Tools, with one exception: some data won't be relevant. When a user visits the form, there isn't a submission already created, so there's no point including any of the Core fields: Submission ID, Submission Date, Last Modified Date and IP Address. If your View includes those fields, they'll simply appear blank!

To create a new View, just go to the Edit Form -> Views tab, and click "Add View". In the dialog window that appears, create a new View based on the existing "All submissions" View, as per the screenshot above.

Facebook form: View fields
Facebook form: View fields

On the Edit View page, go to the Fields tab and configure the View fields like in the second screenshot. Note we've created the Views in two groups: "Social Networks" and "Other".

A word on Tabs

Form Tools lets you organize your field Views into tabs. But for our Facebook forms, this isn't relevant: the form will always be listed on a single page.

So bear in mind that if your View fields are grouped into tabs, they will be ignored on your Facebook form and just listed sequentially.