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Manage Visualizations
Manage Visualizations

As soon as you've created a few visualizations, you're going to find you need an easy way to manage them: to locate, edit and delete them. Usability was taken into account in all aspects of this module, so hopefully you'll find it easy to use!

The main page of the module looks something like the screenshot to the right: it contains an advanced search bar at the top, letting you search for precisely those visualizations you're interested in - by form, View, account, chart types and more.

In addition, this page was designed to work in conjunction with the administrator's Quicklinks Dialog so whenever you click the "Manage Visualizations" button on a particular form View, it will redirect you to this page and pre-fill the search to limit the results to only those visualizations you were just looking at.

If you have any suggestions for this page, please let us know through the forums.