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To manage an entire website, administrators often need to memorize multiple login information for each piece of software running on the server. Maybe they're using Wordpress for the blog, Joomla for the content management and Image Gallery for managing a picture gallery. One standard workaround to avoid all this memorization is to make all usernames and passwords the same for each script. But this still has the following drawbacks:

  • The user still needs to log in to each individual script.
  • Whenever they need to update their password, they have to update it X times; 1 for each script.
  • It's unsecure! If one script is compromised and the password discovered, all scripts are compromised.

The ideal would be to have a single user account for ALL scripts on the server, with a single login point. When you log into one script, you log into all. But the problem is that all script implement their login functionality in slightly different ways, and some are very complicated.

That's the purpose of these API functions - it's to encourage development of a 1-login system on your website. Inevitably any such system will involve writing custom code, but we wanted to make the Form Tools portion of such a task as simple as possible. So here's a few functions to get you on your merry way.


Creates a client account programmatically.
Updates an account programmatically.
Deletes a client account programmatically.
Logs a client in programmatically. This works for the administrator account as well as client accounts.

* We'll investigate an Open ID module a later date. But even after such a system would be implemented, these functions will still be of use to some people.