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Function Reference

This page lists all function available in the API.

Form Integration

Called on every one of your External Form pages. This function does all the dirty work of getting the unique submission ID, starting sessions to store your form values and other such helpful functionality.
Submit your form information to Form Tools via PHP code, rather than directly posting it to process.php. This function lets you submit the entire submission in one go, or page by page for multi-page forms. Formerly named process_form() in Form Tools 1.x.
Clears sessions for a form.
Displays an image that has been uploaded through the form.
Creates a blank submission in the database. Generally you don't need to deal with this function, since it's called implicitly by ft_api_init_form_page.

Displaying Submissions

Need to display your form submissions in your own web pages? Read more about this powerful function.
Show the content of an individual form submission.
Display the total number of submissions in a form.

User Accounts

Creates a client account programmatically.
Updates an account programmatically.
Deletes a client account programmatically.
Logs a client in programmatically. This works for the administrator account as well as client accounts.

Other Functions

A temporary storage mechanism for individual values.
Display a "CAPTCHA" in your form to help fight spam.
Deletes old, unwanted, unfinalized submissions in the database.
A handy function to check to see if a submission is unique or not. The "uniqueness" can be based on whatever criteria you want - email address, email address and password, user name, etc.
This is used internally to start sessions. Generally you won't need to call this directly.
This displays an appropriate error message if the user fails to enter the CAPTCHA properly.