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This function updates a client account. Usage:

The first parameter is the unique account ID; the second a hash (associative array) with any of the following values.

  • first_name - the client's first name
  • last_name - the client's last name
  • email - the client's email address
  • username - the client's login username
  • password - the client's login password. Note: this should not be unencrypted. The function encrypts it itself.
  • account_status - "active", "disabled", "pending" (default: "active")
  • ui_language - should only be one of the languages currently supported by the script, e.g. "en_us"
  • timezone_offset - +- an integer value
  • sessions_timeout - the inactivity duration after which the user is logged out (default: 30)
  • date_format - the formatting for the dates in the user's UI. Default: "M jS y, g:i A". See the PHP date() function for formatting options
  • login_page - the login page for the user (i.e. where they're redirected to after logging in). This value should be the key value from the $g_pages variable, found at the top of in the /global/code/menus.php file.
  • logout_url - where the client is sent when they log out
  • theme - the name of the theme folder
  • menu_id - the unique menu ID

The function will only overwrite those values specified in the second parameter. If it's not included, it will be ignored. Note: it will still overwrite the settings if the hash key is defined but empty! So be sure to only pass those keys that you need to overwrite.