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Fields Tab

Edit View -> Fields tab #1 (2.1)
Edit View -> Fields tab #1 (2.1)

The fields tab lets you customize which of your form fields appear in the View, in what order, and other such fun stuff. This page was totally re-written in Form Tools 2.1 because we found that a great deal of your time was spent configuring Views: especially the View fields. So now, it's considerably faster to configure your Views - it's all done client-side with drag and drop, dialog windows and general awesomeness.

Field groups

Take a quick look at the screenshot to the right. As you can see, all form field rows are contained with a group. The group may or may not be named. If you choose to name it, then a header will appear above that section on the Edit Submission page the clearly delineates those fields. This is a great addition to Form Tools, and can really help visually break up related fields on larger forms, making it simpler for Form Tools users to manage the submission data.

Unlike 2.0.x where you had to manually assign each and every field to a tab, now you just assign a field group to a tab. Just select the tab in the top right of the View field group.

Adding fields

Add View Fields (2.1)
Add View Fields (2.1)
To add more fields to your View, click on the "Add Views ยป" link at the bottom right of the View group. That will open up a dialog looking something like the screenshot to the left. The goal here was simplicity: we wanted a quick and easy way to pinpoint which fields you want to add. Just select those fields you want and click the "Add Fields" button at the bottom of the dialog window. The dialog will instantly close and insert the fields at the bottom of the group you selected.

Re-sorting fields

No problem: mouse-over the first "Order" column. Notice that the mouse icon changes to a draggable pointer? Just drag the row up or down to whatever location you want. To drag into another field group, just drag it over!

Tip: if you have multiple rows you need to drag to a new location, you'll want to bind them together first, then drag them all at once. To do that, just click between the bars to the left of the Order column to join/break the rows. For more information on Sortables in Form Tools 2.1, give this page a read over. :)

Re-sorting field groups...?

Yup! You can do this too. See the little icon at the top left of the View groups? Like with the same icon on the field rows, that signifies that it's sortable. To re-sort it, just click on the group then drag up or down.

The field tables

Here's what the table columns mean:

  • Order. As discussed. This determines the order in which the field appears in the View.
  • Field. This identifies the field.
  • Field Type. A little more information so you know what the field is.
  • Editable. This determines whether the field can be edited through this View.
  • Searchable. This lets you determine whether or not the user can search on this field on the main Submission Listing page. Note: if you uncheck this column for all fields, the search bar on the Submission Listing page simply isn't relevant and it will be hidden.

If you're an old 2.0.x user and wonder where the Sortable column is, check out the Edit View » Columns tab!