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Email Patterns

If your form contains file upload fields, your email templates will contain lines like this:

Here's what's going on. The {display_files} function handles displaying the contents of your file field. Version 2.1.0 of the File Upload module added the option to upload multiple files in a single form field so we needed a way to display the contents of a file upload field in a variety of different ways: in text format, HTML format, as plain filenames, filenames as links to the actual file, and more.

The email patterns are preset to output the correct configuration for this method for the selected pattern, but here's what options exist and what they do.

  • format: this option governs how the file content is outputted, either: "html" or "text". The default value is "text" so if this attribute isn't defined, that'll be the value.
  • files: the list of files found in the particular field. This should always be set to the placeholder containing that information, e.g. $FILENAMES_fieldX (where "fieldX" is the field name of your file upload field)
  • folder: this is the URL folder containing the files uploaded to this field. It should be set to the placeholder $FOLDERURL_fieldX -
  • delim: whatever you want to delimit the list of items with. For HTML, you'll probably want , or <br />.
  • link: this setting controls whether you want a full link outputted to the email or just the filename. For HTML emails this will appear as a full link that the user can click on. For text emails, generally email clients will know to render the URL as a clickable link but some may just output the URL as a non-clickable string.