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Edit Form -> Emails Tab (2.1.x)
Edit Form -> Emails Tab (2.1.x)

Form Tools 2 includes highly customizable email functionality, to allow you to fine-tune the emails that get sent out to whom, when and with what content.

The email management functionality within Form Tools 2 has been significantly improved over its predecessor. Instead of providing a limited number of ways the emails can be sent (namely: to clients, the user and the administrator), you may now create as many emails as you need, each with their own content, with their own recipients, cc and bcc lists, formatting (HTML, text or both). There are also advanced controls such as determining which events should trigger the emails being sent: on submission, on editing and on delete. Plus, you can map emails to only get sent for particular Views, e.g. only if the form submission content contains certain value. It's very powerful! - and, hopefully fairly simple to understand and configure.

Email Templates

At the centre of the new design is the idea of email templates. An email template is just that: a template from which any number of emails can be sent, all with the same structure, but containing different content depending on the form submission.

An email template defines all of the following characteristics of an email:

  • The event trigger: on submission, on edit and/or on delete.
  • The email subject line.
  • The recipient list, including cc's, bccs.
  • The from and reply-to fields
  • It's status (i.e. on or off). This provides you with a simple mechanism to temporarily disable emails from being sent without deleting them.
  • The HTML and text content - depending on whether you wish to send the email in HTML, text or multipart format.
  • Whether the email should be mapped to a particular View. As mentioned above, this lets you ensure the email is only set when certain criteria are met: i.e. a form field contains a particular value or values.
  • Whether the email should appear on the Edit Submission page for yourself or your client accounts, allowing you to send it while editing the email.

When adding / editing an email template, you're presented with a lot of configuration fields. The following pages are an explanation of each field, arranged by tab.