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Export Groups vs. Export Types

In order to understand how the Export Manager works, it helps to understand the meaning of the following two terms.

An Export Group is a group of one or more Export Types. It lets you combine ways of viewing / exporting the data that possess the same characteristics. For example, the printer-friendly format (enabled by default) has three ways to view the data: table format, one-by-one and one-submission per page. Since they are so similar (they display the data in HTML), they are grouped together in the same group.

Export Types are the actual ways to display / generate the data, e.g. displaying all submissions in an HTML table, or in XML format.

Combining export types into groups has a number of benefits:

  • In the UI, they are all displayed in the same line with the same icon. An additional dropdown is shown, listing the available export types.
  • Certain features can be abstracted from the individual export type. For example, you can define a header and footer, add headers (e.g. to tell the browser to treat the export type as CSV, Excel or another format).
  • You can define "global" settings for all export types, saving you the bother of having to set them again and again for all export types in the group, namely:
    • Permissions - who can use the export types in this group: administrators, all clients or a subset.
    • Action - should the file be opened in a popup, a new window or generate a file on the server.
    • Hide / Show - a simple way to hide / show all export types.