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Version 2.x: what's changed?

For those of you familiar with 1.x versions of the Export Manager (i.e. any version that works with Form Tools Core 2.0.0 to 2.0.6), here a quick overview of what's changed.

  • Compatibility with Form Tools Core 2.1.0.
  • Client-side sorting for Export Groups and Export Types.
  • Better navigation for the export groups.
  • Improved permissions. You can now map your Export Groups to particular accounts (like with the earlier versions of the module), but now you can also configure them to only show up for particular forms / Views. This is helpful if you create custom export options that are particular to particular data sets or only offer export options to client accounts that see particular Views.
  • Assorted UI updates, both for the administration section and the embedded "Export Options" section at the bottom the Submissions page. The "all/selected" dropdown is now a pair of radios buttons, and there's an icon at the top right of the section that links directly to the module for quick reference.
  • Reset to Defaults page added. This clears out any changes you've made to the export groups + types and returns them to the default values.
  • Slight language-type change. Now when you install the script, it installs the language strings in the admin's choice of UI language. The fields can still be customized using language placeholders, but I think that this is clearer. Seeing the placeholders (e.g. {$LANG.export_manager.phrase_html_printer_friendly} instead of HTML / Printer Friendly) all over the place is confusing, and it adds no value for the majority of users.
  • Simpler Smarty markup for the export types, which will hopefully make it easier for developers to follow.
  • By default, the printer-friendly and Excel export types now include the View name in the title.