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Export Manager

Managing Export Types

Export Manager: Export Types
Export Manager: Export Types

The last tab on the Edit Export Group pages contains all the Export Types for that group. This is where you can actually see the Smarty code that's used to generate the exported content.

As with all client-side sortable lists in Form Tools 2.1, to change the sort order of the Export Types, just drag and drop the rows to their new position, then click the Update Order button to save it. Sortable rows are all identifiable by them having a little up-down icon in their Order row.

Editing an Export Type

Export Manager: edit Export Type
Export Manager: edit Export Type

Here's what all the various fields mean on this page.

Export Type Name This is the label that appears in the Export Type dropdown on the Submission Listings page to visually identify it. Note: if the Export Group only has a single Export Type, no dropdown will appear (since it's not needed).
Visibility This determines whether or not the Export Type should show up or not to be used.
Filename If your Export Group is configured to generate a file, or prompt a download, this is the setting that determines the filename. For more information on the placeholders that may be used in this field, see the Filename Placeholders page.
Smarty Template And here's where all the work is done! This field contains the Smarty markup used to generate the actual markup. It can generate any markup you want, be it XML, CSV, HTML or whatever.