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How it works

Export Manager: export options
Export Manager: export options

Using the Export Manager is very simple. When any Form Tools user (administrator or client) browses a form's submissions, they will see a list of available export options at the bottom of their page. Whenever they click one of the export buttons, it will execute the appropriate task. So for the HTML / Printer-friendly options, it will pop open a window with the information with all the information displayed, ready to be printed; for Excel, a dialog will appear, prompting the user to download the new Excel file. But other options are possible too: you may configure your own export group to generate a file instead of display it.

Note! Any time you use the Export Manager, it will generate content based on (a) the contents of the current View and (b) the contents of whatever search you just performed. In other words, it will always contain whatever subset of submissions you're already looking at in the Form Tools UI.

How it really Works

Export types are created by generic looping structures written in the Smarty PHP templating language. They are deliberately generic, so that they can display the data whatever way is required.