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Step 2: System Check

Installation: Step 2
Installation: Step 2
The second step runs a few key tests on your server to confirm that Form Tools will be able to run. The full system requirements are outlined here, but the most common problems encountered on this page are these:

  • MySQL version identified as incorrect. Form Tools requires MySQL 4 or later to run. If you think your version is compatible, just click the "Ignore" button to bypass the error.
  • Write permissions. The /themes/default/cache and /upload folders needs to be read-writable. If you're on a Windows server, you may need to contact your hosting provider to ask them to set the folder permissions.
  • Core Field Types module not installed. As of Form Tools 2.1.5, the Core Field Types module is now required. It comes included in all the default download packages, but if you used the Custom Build script, you may not have included it. To remedy this, just download the module and upload it to your /modules folder. Then refresh the Form Tools installation page and it will automatically detect that it's ready to be installed.