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Common Problems

Common Problems

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/themes/default/cache isn't read-writable

Problem: when first loading up the Form Tools installation script in your browser, you immediately see a page stating that this folder isn't writable.

The most likely cause of this is exactly that: that folder simply doesn't have read-write access. This usually doesn't occur, but depending on your server settings you may need to do a little extra tweaking to solve.

Steps to solve:

  • First check the folder permissions and set them to 777 / read-write access.
  • If that doesn't work, check the folder hierarchy. You may need to set permissions on all parent folders as well.
  • Failing that, check to see if you're on a version of linux that's running the SELinux module (Security-Enhanced Linux) such as Red Hat enterprise, Fedora, CentOS. You may need to do additional server configuration to configure your server. Also see the following Form Tools issue.