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Common Problems

Common Problems

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/cache isn't read-writable

Problem: when first loading up the Form Tools installation script in your browser, you immediately see a page stating that this folder isn't writable.

The most likely cause of this is exactly that: that folder simply doesn't have read-write access. This script needs to be able to create files in that folder and read them. This problem usually doesn't occur, but depending on your server settings you may need to do a little extra tweaking to solve.

Steps to solve:

  • First check the folder permissions and set them to 777 / read-write access.
  • If that doesn't work, check the folder hierarchy. You may need to set permissions on all parent folders as well.
  • Failing that, check to see if you're on a version of linux that's running the SELinux module (Security-Enhanced Linux) such as Red Hat enterprise, Fedora, CentOS. You may need to do additional server configuration to configure your server. Also see the following Form Tools issue.