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Download The API releases are all found on github.

1.1.4 is the last version of the API that is Form Tools 2 compatible. If you're using Form Tools 3 please see the API v2.x documentation section.

The Form Tools API files should be placed in your [form tools root]/global/api/ folder.


  1. Form Tools must be installed on your server
  2. It can only be called within a PHP page on the same server as your Form Tools installation
  3. It requires the /global/api/api.php file to have been included in your page

How to use it

In order to use the API functions you must include the api.php file in your web page BEFORE the function call. You only need to include this line once. The path must be  edited for the location of your api.php file on your server. It can be a relative or absolute link.