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Adding Views

Any time a form is created, a default View is created. This View contains all form fields, it's set to 10 submissions per page (or whatever value you've entered in the Settings -> Main page), it orders the listings by submission date - most recent first, and is publicly accessible by all clients.

Adding Views (2.1)
Adding Views (2.1)
Creating a new View is very simple. Just go to your Edit Form ยป Views tab and click the "Create View" link for whatever View group you want to add it to. This link it found at the bottom right of all View group sections. If you've deleted all the View Groups, you'll see the option to create a new, default View. Click it!

Normally, when adding a new View, you'll see a dialog window appear that looks something like the screenshot to your right. This is extremely powerful: it lets you create a new View with all the fields, no fields, or base it on an existing View. If you find yourself needing to create multiple, similar Views, this can be a very important time-saver.