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Upgrading to 3.0.0

If you're upgrading your Form Tools installation to 3.0.0 from any earlier version, you'll need to follow the instructions on this page.

Form Tools 3 was a complete rewrite of the entire codebase. The broad goal was to simply modernize the script, but specifically to allow it to run on PHP 7, use PDO, update all lib dependencies up to date, introduce tests and pave the way for upcoming changes and features.

Upgrading Steps

  • Make sure you've first updated your Form Tools installation to Form Tools 2.2.5, 2.2.6 or 2.2.7, and gotten all modules up to date.
  • Open the System Check module and run the Form Tools 3 compatibility test to confirm your system will run Form Tools 3. Note that that test only exists on the last Form Tools 2 compatible version of the module (1.1.0).
  • Review the following changes so you know what to expect and see if you'll be impacted.
  • Upgrade! Follow the instructions here.

Form Tools 3 Changes

  • Form Tools 3 now requires PHP 5.3 and later, including PHP 7 (Form Tools 2 supported PHP 4.3 - 5).
  • The "Core Field Types" module has been incorporated into the Core code. The module no longer exists as a standalone module. After you upgrade log in and go to the Modules page. Then you will need to delete the [form tools root]/modules/core_field_types/ folder.
  • global/config.php changes
    • The $g_unicode config setting has been removed.
    • $dbSSLEnabled was also dropped.
    • The $g_delete_module_folder_on_uninstallation setting has been dropped. Now the uninstall step just uninstalls the script and doesn't try to remove the files on your server. I'll be adding a separate UI action to allow admins to remove the modules at a later date. This setting gave too much potential for disaster.
  • The fefault max file upload size setting changed from 200KB to 500KB.

Significant module changes

  • Form Builder module.
    After upgrading you will need to re-publish all of your Form Builder forms. To do this:
    • Edit your form(s) and go to the Publish tab
    • Edit the published form and click the "Publish Settings" button at the bottom right.
    • Rename the file to something else and click Update.
    • Close the modal and click Publish Settings again.
    • Rename it back to the original file.
  • TinyMCE module.
    This has been updated to a much recent version of the script (4.7.1) The new tinyMCE interface has a different look & feel and certain customizations that were offered with the older version of the module no longer exist. You won't need to do anything to update your fields, but note they will look different.
  • Submission Pre-parser, Hooks Manager
    The whole codebase was moved to object oriented code, so all the code hooks (link) have changed. These two modules automatically update the hook references so you don't have to worry about it. However, a very small number of code hooks (3 out of ~190) from FT2 no longer exist in the new version.
  • Google Map field module.
    You are now required to get an API key from Google to use this module. Read the module documentation for more detailed information.