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Upgrading to 3.0.15

Upgrading to 3.0.15 should be automatic and not require you to do any additional work. However, on some systems if PHP is unable to create folders and change file permissions, you may need to do a little extra configuration.

3.0.15 behaviour change: there was a small bug where any multi-option form fields (dropdowns, multi-select dropdowns, radios, checkboxes) that reference values in another form field would show blank entries - possibly multiple. Now in order to have an option appear it needs to have an actual value in that other forms field. i.e. blank entries will no longer get listed. If you need a blank entry, edit a submission and enter some whitespace - or some "--" chars or something.

What Changed

Form Tools has always used a temporary cache folder to store generated templates for the pages you see in the application. Up until 3.0.15, each theme folder has had its own cache folder at the following locations: [form tools root]/themes/[theme name]/cache/. This was unnecessary and on some web servers meant having to configure the permissions for every theme cache folder.

With Form Tools 3.0.15, there is now a single cache folder located by default here: [form tools root]/cache/. You can choose to customize the location of this folder via the $g_custom_cache_folder setting in your config.php file.

Upgrading Steps

  • Upgrade normally to this version or later.
  • Log into Form Tools as an administrator and go to the Forms page. If you don't see an error message at the top of the page you're good to go! Nothing to do (but see the "Optional" section below).
  • If you see the error message linking to this page, you'll need to manually create this folder on your web server: [form tools root]/cache/ and make sure it has full read-write permissions.
  • After doing that, refresh the Forms page. The message should disappear. Done!


Now your system is using the new cache location, you can optionally remove the old cache folders in your themes. There's nothing terribly wrong with leaving them there, but for people who like a nice clean system it can be nice! (Newer versions of all the themes no longer contain this folder).

Just remove the cache folders found at this location: [form tools root]/themes/[theme]/cache.