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Upgrading to 2.1.0 or later

If you're upgrading your Form Tools installation to 2.1.0 to any earlier version, you need to follow the instructions on this page.
IMPORTANT! A number of things have changed Form Tools 2.1.0. So before upgrading PLEASE read the following. Things will change after you upgrade, so don't get caught off-guard.

Back-up your database and files

I know, I know, everyone always says this and it's easy advice to ignore. But upgrading to 2.1.0 is higher risk than upgrading to other versions and actually causes some of your changes to be lost (see below).

The upgrade script makes a LOT of changes to your database and in case something goes wrong or you decide you don't like something about the new version, you have the option to back-out and return to your old version. PLEASE DO THIS!

Things you should know before choosing to upgrade

  1. Required Field Type modules. You must install the File Upload and the TinyMCE field at the time that you upgrade. This is to ensure backward compatibility. If you don't want either of them, you can safely uninstall them later. If you attempt to upgrade without either of them installed, the script will whine at you when you try to log in, and tell you you need to install them. To include them, check the "show all components" option on the upgrade page and select those modules by checking the column in the first column.
  2. Your Export Manager module changes will be lost
    This sucks, I know, but it was unavoidable. The way the form field types (textboxes, textareas, dropdowns etc.) are handled in Form Tools 2.1.0 is very different from earlier releases. Because of this, we now feed different information to be used in the Export Manager's fields. Any old export type's Smarty markup won't work any more. For more information on this, see this page in the Export Manager module documentation.
  3. So where's the WYSIWYG settings page?
    Gone! The Settings -> WYSIWYG page has been totally removed. All the existing WYSIWYG functionality is still available, but it's managed through the TinyMCE Field Type module. Upgrading to 2.1.0 or later will automatically remove the WYSIWYG menu item from your nav menu. If you liked it there, you can always add it back in by editing the administrator's menu.
  4. No Media Gallery or Mass Edit module support. The Media Gallery module is not going to be updated any more. So if you rely on it, don't upgrade. Also, the Mass Edit module is no longer compatible.
  5. Date Field changes
    In earlier releases, only the Submission Date and Last Modified Date fields were real "date" fields - i.e. they showed a datepicker, and the formatting of those dates dates was controlled via the format specified in the Settings -> Accounts page. Now, any form field may be marked as a date field, and each one may have its own date format: e.g. one field could be a date field, another a datetime field. The one limitation is that there are fewer date formatting options than before. Things like the "th" in "March 6th, 2011" cannot be done, so chances are you will notice that the formatting of those fields in your form will change after upgrading.
  6. No more "Use Lightbox to display files" setting on the Settings -> Files tab
    This has also been removed. Now, if you want to open an image up in a popup, you need to select the "Open as image in dialog" option for the field. (Edit Form -> Field Tab -> Edit Field -> second tab).
  7. Admin username change
    The admin username must be only contain alphanumeric characters (0-9, a-z, A-Z) like client accounts. If it doesn't fit the bill right now, don't worry: you won't have any problems logging in, but you will need to change it whenever you update your info on the Your Accounts page.