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Step 2: Your PayPal Account

If you haven't already done so, sign up for a PayPal Account here. Choose the account type (Personal, Premier or Business) that is right for your particular case. This account (email address) will be where all donations will be sent.

  1. Personal
    • free to send / receive payments
    • cannot receive payments from credit cards
    • limited to $1,000 in payments per month
  2. Premier
    • fee for accepting payments
    • may receive payments from credit cards
    • includes a wide variety of tools (like PayPal shopping cart, subscriptions, recurring payments and more)
  3. Business
    • Unlike the other accounts, your PayPal account is displayed as your company name instead of your personal name.
    • same fees as the Premier account and allows payments from credit cards

Due to the Personal account's limitation of not being able to receive payments from credit card, I'd recommend you opt for a Premier or Business account - despite the fees.