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A Few Final Tips

  1. Working with the Developers section of PayPal can be pretty bewildering at first, but it makes more sense the more time you spend with it. Don't forget that when using the PayPal sandbox, emails don't get sent to your normal email account, but to your development email account.
  2. If your payments are going through properly, but nothing appears in Form Tools, chances are the IPN isn't configured properly. Try adding some mail("", "subject", "message"); lines in ipn.php to confirm that PayPal is at least posting information to that URL. If not, you know the problem is either with your $paypal["notify_url"] setting or with the setting you set up in your PayPal account under IPN Preferences.
  3. If you get stumped, try posting either in our forums or on the PayPal developer forums (listed below)