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Files and Folders

Here's a description of all the files and folders in the zipfile. You don't need to know about most of them - the ones that you'll be most concerned with are starred *.

  • /includes - folder
    • * library.php - contains the main settings for your PayPal form
    • - written by PayPal. This file contains various configuration settings for your form
    • - written by PayPal. Some global configuration settings
    • main.css - the CSS
    • rsv.js - the Really Simple Validation script for validating the donation form values
  • * cancelled.php - the page that users get redirected back to if they cancel a donation on the PayPal site
  • * index.php - the donation form
  • ipn.php - a script that handles the IPN interaction with PayPal
  • paypal_submit.php - the review / submit to PayPal page
  • * success.php - the page that users get sent to after a successful donation