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Custom login forms

Custom login forms
Custom login forms

The built-in login form is fine for some situations, but you may find it more convenient for your users to embed a login form within your own pages. This can often improve usability.

The Submission Accounts module auto-generates custom login forms for your configured forms. The HTML it generates is very basic: no CSS markup; just plain HTML tags & labels - so you'll probably want to edit the generated content to fit it into your page.

To generate the custom login form, just select the form from the main Submission Accounts page and click on the Custom Login tab. There, select the appropriate checkboxes to generate the HTML.

Error Redirects

If you use a custom login form, you may want to redirect the user to a specific page if they fail to login properly. By default, the user just gets directed to the default login page which displays the error.

To redirect to a custom page, just include the following hidden field in your form:

Make sure "" is the appropriate URL. Then, all failed login attempts will be redirected to that URL with an additional error message flag passed in the query string. The possible query string values are:

  • no_form_id
  • no_username
  • no_password
  • invalid_form_id
  • form_inactive
  • login_incorrect