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The Edit Form » Publish tab

Edit Form -> Publish tab
Edit Form -> Publish tab
Before the Form Builder module came along, Form Tools already had a pretty great interface for customizing fields, defining Views, Email templates and so on. So the last thing we wanted to do was re-invent the wheel and come up with a new interface for the Form Builder to do exactly the same thing.

All of the three Form Tools form types (Internal, External and Form Builder) are managed through the same Edit Form pages. However, with the Form Builder module installed, a fifth tab appears: Publish. This is where you go to actually publish the form on your site using the Form Builder window.

Note: when you have the Form Builder module installed, the Publish tab will appear for all form types, even Internal and External form types. For those form types, the tab will provide you with the option of converting the form type to a Form Builder form so you can get all the benefits of the Form Builder module and publish it on your site.