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Form Builder

Adding something to a specific form page

Forms published through the Form Builder each use a specific template for each of its pages: the main Form Page template, the Review Page or Thankyou template. If you're using a View that groups your form fields into multiple tabs, those tabs are converted to separate form pages in the published form - and each of those pages will use the same Form Page template.

Customizing the Review and Thankyou pages are easy: there's only ever one of them in your form: so you can just edit that particular template type to add in whatever you want. But what about your form pages? How do you customize a specific form page?

It's actually very simple.

  1. Select the Form Builder module from your Modules page.
  2. Select the Template Set you're using in your published form.
  3. Edit the Form Page template you're using in your published form.
  4. In that page, add the following code:

That will output "hello world!" only on the second form page - not on your other form pages. You can use the same technique to add anything you want to any of your specific form pages.

Specifying a form or View

If you're re-using the Template Set for multiple published forms, you may find you only want to add something to a particular form or View. To do that, we just expand on our previous code. The following example will only output "Hello World" on the second form page for forms with ID = 12.

Similarly, you can target a particular View, like so:

The form IDs are found on the main Forms page (first column). The View IDs are listed on the Edit Form -> Views tab.