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Editing Export Groups

Export Manager: edit Export Group (main tab)
Export Manager: edit Export Group (main tab)

The Export Group configuration is spread among 2 or 3 tabs, depending on the version of the module you are running. The Export Manager 2.x version introduced a second "Permissions" tab, discussed on the next page.

The "Main" tab contains all the main settings for the module. In 1.x versions it also contains the permissions ("Access Type") setting. See the help on the Permissions page for information on that.

Export Group Name This is the label for the Export Group that appears on the Submission Listings page to visually identify it.
Visibility This determines whether or not the Export Group should show up or not. It can be handy to disable an entire group while you’re not needing it.
Icon The icon to associate with the group.
Action This controls what happens when the user chooses the export group / export type on the Submission Listing page. You have three options: generating a file on the server, opening in a new window or in a popup (you may specify the dimensions). If you're choosing the generate file option, the location of the files that are created are specified in the module's Settings page.
Action Button Text This determines what appears on the action button for the export group - it should be whatever makes sense, so "Generate" or "Display" seem reasonable.
Headers This lets you supply some additional headers to be outputted by the server when generating the page. For example, take a look at the Excel or CSV Export Groups. The Excel Export Group contains headers to tell the browser it's an Excel file and to open a dialog to prompt a file download.
Smarty Template This is where you enter the actual Smarty content for the Export Group. Note: this field is just used for the main content: it should include the actual Export Type with the {$export_type_smarty_template} template variable.