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Module Navigation

Every module has its own navigation menu - just like the main Form Tools navigation menu. The contents and size of the menu is entirely up to you: each menu item can link to whatever page you wish - whether it be a page within your module, an external link or a link to another Form Tools page.

How the module navigation appears in the UI depends on the theme. With the default theme, the module navigation appears at the top left, shifting the main navigation menu down beneath it.

Your module menu items are defined in your module.php file, as discussed earlier.

The $MODULE["nav"] setting in that file defines your module's menu items. It is an array, whose keys correspond to entries in your language file. The values are an array with two indexes: the URL of the page, and whether it should appear as a submenu item or not.

The "module_name", "word_settings" and "word_help" have corresponding entries in the module's lang/en_us.php language file (e.g. $L["module_name"] = "Export Manager" etc). The values each contain the {$module_dir} Smarty placeholder. This is a convenient way to refer to the module root URL. Often you find you won't need it, but if your module arranges its files in subfolders, this ensures valid links from any page location.

After defining your module menu items in your module.php file as described above, the menu information will be automatically created by the modules installation script.