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This function is generally called on every page of your module. It does the following:

  • Starts sessions
  • Ensures that the person viewing the page has the right permissions [This function accepts a single, optional string parameter: $account_type ("admin" or "client") to determine who can see the page. Administrators can see all pages, including those marked as "client"]
  • Includes your module's library.php file if it has been defined in your module folder. This is a handy place to store the code for your module.
  • Loads the contents of the appropriate module language file into memory and stores it in two places:
    • $L: this global variable is accessible anywhere within your module, but NOT in those aspects of the module that are accessible outside of your module folder. This is a shortcut for the second variable which is accessible everywhere:
    • $LANG["my_module"]: where "my_module" is the name of your module folder.