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Code Hooks

The following table lists all code hooks available. The values passed column lists the variables passed to your function; the overridable values column lists which variables in the original function scope can be overridden by your code - if and only if they are returned in a hash, with the variable name as the hash key. We haven't listed the meaning of each variable; but the variable names generally give some idea of their meaning. Please see the actual code for more information.

Core Function When Values Passed Overridable Values
ft_process_form start form_id (integer), form_data (array) form_data
ft_api_process_form start form_id (integer), form_data (array) form_data (array)
ft_get_account_info main account_info (array) account_info (array)
ft_get_account_settings main account_id (integer), hash (hash) hash (hash)
ft_login main account_info (array) account_info (array)
ft_logout_user main
ft_send_password start info (hash) info (hash)
ft_send_password end success (boolean), message (string), info (hash) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_get_account_settings start account_id (integer), settings (hash) settings (hash)
ft_set_account_settings end account_id (integer), settings (hash)
ft_set_account_settings start account_id (integer), settings (hash) settings (hash)
ft_add_client start form_vals (hash) form_vals (hash)
ft_add_client end new_user_id (integer), account_settings (hash) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_admin_update_client start infohash (hash), tab_num (integer) infohash (hash), tab_num (integer)
ft_admin_update_client end infohash (hash), tab_num (integer) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_get_admin_info main admin_info (hash) admin_info (hash)
ft_update_admin_account start infohash (hash), account_id (integer) infohash (hash)
ft_update_admin_account end infohash (hash), account_id (integer) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_update_client start account_id (integer), info (array) info (array)
ft_update_client end account_id (integer), info (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_delete_client end account_id (integer) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_search_clients start search_criteria (array) search_criteria (array)
ft_search_clients end search_criteria (array), clients (array) clients (array)
ft_get_client_form_views end account_id (integer), info (array) info (array)
ft_get_email_templates end form_id (integer), return_hash (array) return_hash (array)
ft_get_email_template_list end form_id (integer), info (array) info (array)
ft_get_email_template end email_template (array) email_template (array)
ft_send_test_email end info (array) info (array)
ft_get_email_patterns end text_patterns (array), html_patterns (array) text_patterns (array), html_patterns (array)
ft_update_form_email_settings end form_id (integer), infohash (array) form_id (integer), infohash (array)
ft_update_email_template start email_id (integer), info (array) info (array)
ft_update_email_template end email_id (integer), info (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_get_edit_submission_email_templates end view_id (integer), email_info (array) email_info (array)
ft_process_email_template start form_id (integer), submission_id (integer), email_id (integer), email_components (array) email_components (array)
_ft_get_placeholder_hash end placeholders (array) placeholders (array)
ft_get_field_option_groups end return_hash (array) return_hash (array)
ft_update_field_option_group end group_id (integer), info (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_delete_field_option_group end group_id (integer) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_add_form_fields end form_id (integer), infohash (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_delete_form_fields end form_id (integer), infohash (array), success (boolean), message (string) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_get_field_options end field_id (integer), options (array) options (array)
ft_get_form_field end field_id (integer), info (array) info (array)
ft_get_form_field_settings end field_id (integer), module (string), settings (array) settings (array)
ft_get_form_fields end form_id (integer), infohash (array) infohash (array)
ft_get_extended_field_settings end field_id (integer), module (string), setting_name (string) settings (array)
ft_delete_extended_field_settings end field_id (integer)
ft_update_field end field_id (integer) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_update_multi_field_settings end field_id (integer), info (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_update_field_file_settings end field_id (integer), infohash (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_get_unique_filename end return_filename (string) return_filename (string)
ft_upload_submission_file start form_id (integer), submission_id (integer), field_id (integer), fileinfo (array) fileinfo (array)
ft_client_update_form_settings start infohash (array) infohash (array)
ft_client_update_form_settings end infohash (array), success (boolean), message (string) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_delete_form start form_id (integer)
ft_finalize_form end form_id (integer)
ft_get_form end form_id (integer), form_info (array) form_info (array)
ft_get_form_clients end form_id (integer), accounts (array) accounts (array)
ft_set_form_main_settings end infohash (array), success (boolean), message (string) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_set_form_database_settings start infohash (array), form_id (integer) infohash (array)
ft_set_form_field_types start info (array), form_id (integer) info (array)
ft_update_form_main_tab start infohash (array), form_id (integer) infohash (array)
ft_update_form_main_tab end infohash (array), form_id (integer), success (boolean), message (string) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_update_form_fields_tab start infohash (array), form_id (integer) infohash (array)
ft_update_form_database_tab start infohash (array), form_id (integer) infohash (array)
ft_update_form_database_tab end infohash (array), form_id (integer) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_search_forms start account_id (integer), is_admin (boolean), search_criteria (array) search_criteria (array)
ft_search_forms end account_id (integer), is_admin (boolean), search_criteria (array), form_info (array) form_info (array)
ft_get_public_form_omit_list end client_ids (array), form_id (integer) client_ids (array)
ft_eval_smarty_string end output (string), placeholder_str (string), placeholders (array), theme (string) output (string)
ft_check_permission end account_type (string) boot_out_user (boolean), message_flag (string)
ft_check_client_may_view main client_id (integer), form_id (integer), view_id (integer), permissions (array) boot_out_user (boolean), message_flag (string)
ft_generate_js_messages end js (string) js (string)
ft_get_menus end return_hash (array) return_hash (array)
ft_get_menu_list end menus (array) menus (array)
ft_get_admin_menu end menu_info (array) menu_info (array)
ft_get_client_menu end menu_items (array), menu_id (integer) menu_items (array)
ft_get_menu_items end menu_items (array), menu_id (integer) menu_items (array)
ft_update_admin_menu end success (boolean), message (string), info (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_update_menu_order end menu_id (integer)
ft_update_client_menu end info (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_get_page_url end page_identifier (string), params (array), message (string), full_url (string) full_url (string)
ft_delete_menus start menu_id (integer)
ft_uninstall_module end module_id (integer), success (boolean), message (string) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_get_module_menu_items end menu_items (array), module_id (integer), module_folder (string) menu_items (array)
ft_get_module end module_id (integer), result (array) result (array)
ft_get_modules start modules_info (array) modules_info (array)
ft_get_modules end account_info (array), module_folder (array)
ft_include_module end module_folder (array)
ft_include_module end settings (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_update_account_settings end settings (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_update_file_settings end settings (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_update_wysiwyg_settings end settings (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_update_theme_settings end settings (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_create_blank_submission end form_id (integer)
ft_delete_submission end form_id (integer), view_id (integer), submission_id (integer), is_admin (true) success (true), message (string)
ft_delete_submissions end form_id (integer), view_id (integer), submissions_to_delete (array), omit_list (array), search_fields (array), is_admin (boolean) success (true), message (string)
ft_delete_file_submission end form_id (integer), submission_id (integer), field_id (integer), force_delete (boolean) success (true), message (string)
ft_get_submission end form_id (integer), submission_id (integer), view_id (integer), return_arr (array) return_arr (array)
ft_get_submission_info end form_id (integer), submission_id (integer), submission (array) submission (array)
ft_search_submissions end form_id (integer), submission_id (integer), view_id (integer), results_per_page (integer), page_num (integer), order (string), columns (array), search_fields (array), submission_ids (array), return_hash (array) return_hash (array)
ft_update_submission start form_id (integer), form_data (hash) form_data (hash)
ft_update_submission end form_id (integer), form_data (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_get_theme end theme_id (integer), theme_info (array) theme_info (array)
ft_get_theme_by_theme_folder end theme_folder (string), theme_info (array) theme_info (array)
ft_get_themes end theme_info (array) theme_info (array)
ft_update_theme_list end success (boolean), message (string)
ft_display_page main g_smarty (object), template (string), page_vars (array) g_smarty (object)
ft_display_module_page main g_smarty (object), template (string), page_vars (array) g_smarty (object)
ft_get_view end view_id (integer), view_info (array) view_info (array)
ft_get_views end return_hash (array) return_hash (array)
ft_get_view_ids end view_ids (array) view_ids (array)
ft_get_tab_info end view_id (integer), tab_info (array) tab_info (array)
ft_create_new_view end view_id (integer)
ft_delete_view end view_id (integer) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_get_view_clients end account_info (array) account_info (array)
ft_update_view end view_id (integer), info (array) success (boolean), message (string)
ft_get_form_views end view_hash (array) view_hash (array)
ft_get_view_list end form_id (integer), result (array) result (array)