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Accounts Tab

Settings -> Accounts tab (2.1.x)
Settings -> Accounts tab (2.1.x)
The accounts tab controls the default settings for all new client accounts. Entering the appropriate values in this page can help you reduce the amount of configuration work for you. These settings merely act as the DEFAULT settings: you will still be able to override each setting for each client.

The screenshot to the right shows the Accounts page in version 2.0.3 of the Core. In earlier versions, you won't see the Security Settings section.

N.B. There was a minor change in 2.0.3 in that passwords are no longer limited to alphanumeric characters, as with 2.0.2 and earlier.

Page Titles
This setting determines the string that will appear in the web browser for the web page, via the <title> HTML node. You can enter whatever string you want, but bear in mind it will appear for all pages. It's a good idea to include the {$page} Smarty placeholder in this field, too. That placeholder is replaced with the actual page name for each page within the Form Tools UI.
Footer Text
By default, this value is blank. But if you include a value, it will appear at the bottom of each page. A common use for this is to add a copyright line.
Default Theme
The default theme for all new accounts.
Login Page
This determines what page the client will get directed to after logging in. By default, this is set to the Forms page, but you pick whatever you want. This field is compatible with the Pages module - so you can create custom pages and make them the client's login page.
Logout URL
The URL where the clients are redirected to when they click Logout.
Default Language
The default language for the client accounts.
System Time Offset
This setting lets you accomodate for differences between your server timezone and your own timezone. This ensures times are all displayed in the correct time for your clients.
Default Sessions Timeout
This determines the default inactivity timeout for the client accounts.
Date Format
This setting lets you control the formatting of all dates within Form Tools. For non-English installations, you'll probably want to change this value to exclude any English strings. The formatting codes are from the php date() function.

Security Settings

As mentioned above, this section was added in 2.0.3. It provides a few additional security settings for the security-conscious. All these settings are turned off for new installations and upgrades.

Auto-disable account after # failed login attempts
This setting prevents brute-force attempts at hacking a user account. The script automatically disables the user account after a unbroken series of failed login attempts.
Minimum password length
This lets you force client passwords to be of a minimum number of characters.
Required password characters
This settings is pretty self-explanatory: it lets you force the client account passwords to contain certain characters - uppercase, numbers and "special" chars. This can significantly reduce the likelihood of hackers guessing the account passwords.
Prevent re-use of # last passwords
Form Tools automatically logs passwords and password changes for client accounts. This setting lets you tap into that and prevent the client from re-using an old password. Preventing password re-use like this can again reduce the likelihood of successful hacking attempts.