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Files Tab

Settings -> Files tab (2.1.x)
Settings -> Files tab (2.1.x)
The files tab contains those settings related to file uploads for Form Tools and any forms configured with Form Tools. This page contains settings such as the max file size, file types and the file upload folder. All of these settings can be overridden for each individual file field, but it's far more convenient to set the general settings here first.

Upload folder path
This field determines the default file upload folder for all file upload fields.
Upload folder URL
This field determines the default file upload URL for all file upload fields.
Max File Size
This determines the maximum size of files that can be uploaded through the UI and through your forms. The filesize options available in the download relate to your server; the maximum option in that dropdown is the maximum size that files can be uploaded as determined by your php.ini file.
Permitted File Types
This determines what file types can be uploaded.
Use Lightbox to display files
This option can be helpful if you're only upload images through your file fields. It opens all files in a Lightbox popup.