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Settings -> Main tab (2.1.x)
Settings -> Main tab (2.1.x)
The first main tab of the Settings pages contains several of Form Tools general settings.

This lists your current Form Tools version. This version is for the Core script; the API, modules and themes all have their own versions. Next to the version information is a button linking to the Form Tools site. This send information about the components you have installed (Core, modules, themes and API) and their versions to the main upgrade script. That does the job of figuring out what (if anything) has been updated and generates a custom zip file containing those components. The upgrade process is anonymous: no information about your own website or account is submitted along with the request.
Program Name
This option was included to help simplify the job of re-branding the software. Changing the script name here changes all references throughout the script, however, you will probably wish to add or update and existing theme as well.
Logo Link URL
This has a single purpose: it determines the URL the individual is redirected to when they click on the main script logo.
Num **** Per Page
The final settings determine the number of items that appear per page in each of the sections. Depending on your screen-size and data, you may find it helpful to increase or decrease the default values.