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Downloading / exporting form data

The Export Manager Module

Example Submission Listing page (2.1)
Example Submission Listing page (2.1)

All the ways that you can download the submission data is determined by a separate module called the Export Manager. This (free) module comes bundled with the default installations of Form Tools, but it's entirely optional: you can uninstall it if you don't need it.

I'll leave all discussion of the module to the module's own help documentation, but I will just mention a few important points.

  • Groups vs. Types. The various ways to export your data are organized into groups. For example, the "HTML / Printer-friendly" option is an export group with three types: "table format", "one-by-one" and "one submission per page". You can define as many export groups and types as you need.
  • Permissions. The Export Manager lets you associate each export group with particular clients, with ALL clients or with only the administrator account.
  • Generation Type. The export groups can either open a popup (e.g. "HTML / printer-friendly"), prompt a file download (e.g. Excel), or even generate a file on the server. The XML format (disabled by default) is preconfigured for this last option, but you will need to enable it first.