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Configuring client accounts to only edit their own form data

This tutorial requires Form Tools 3.0.13 or later.

This tutorial explains how you can configure a Form Tools form so a client account can only edit their own form submission data and nobody else's. You can optionally configure it so client accounts can view other data in the form, but only readonly. This technique works for any form, regardless of what's in the form.

This tutorial is conceptually quite complicated and covers a fair bit of ground. So if you have any questions, do ask a question on github.

In abstract, here's what we're going to do.

  1. First we'll add a database field to your form that tracks which Form Tools account created the submission.
  2. We'll configure one of your form Views to limit results to only show results created for the current client account.
  3. (Optional) create a second readonly View so client accounts can view all data in the form, but not edit it.


  • This technique only applies to submissions created within the Form Tools interface (Internal forms), not Form Builder forms or External forms.
  • This tutorial explains how to set it up for a single form. If you need clients to only edit their own data for multiple forms, you will need to make the same change to each form.