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Form Builder window: Templates panel
Form Builder window: Templates panel

Form Tools was originally designed to provide an access and storage script for your own web forms. While the script still allows this functionality through external forms, the Form Builder expands on this functionality by allowing you to construct forms right within the Form Tools interface and publish them on your site through the click of a button.


Using the Form Builder to generate your forms has a number of benefits over manual form creation.

  • No programming experience necessary.
  • Very quick and easy to generate your own forms (single page and multi-page) on your site.
  • Automatic generation of "Review" and "Thankyou" pages.
  • Utilize all the special Form Tools field types (Dates, Times, phone numbers, Google Maps, WYSIWYG etc) fields in your forms, not just in the Form Tools interface.
  • Choose from a set of attractive, pre-existing templates or create your own.
  • Publish multiple forms on your site, each looking different, containing different fields, but all submitting to the same database table, where you can manage the submissions in a single location.
  • Any of your existing Internal or External forms may be instantly converted to Form Builder forms to be published on your site.
  • Unlike External Forms, you now manage your forms entirely through Form Tools. No more updating your forms in two places - once in your form, once in the Form Tools interface.