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The test submission

At this point, you've done most of the work. Now you just need to put through a test submission so that Form Tools knows what form content to store.

  1. Log into Form Tools (as the administrator) and go to the Add Form page
  2. Select the "External" form type
  3. Select the "Code" option
  4. On the step 2 "Form Information" page, enter all the information. This is not a multi-page form, so that value can be set to "no".
  5. Continue to the "Text submission" step 3. There, it will have generated a line of PHP which looks like the following ("X" will be your form number)

Copy that line and overwrite the corresponding line in your form page (the first page, not the thankyou page).

Test Submission Message
Test Submission Message
After saving, go to your "thankyou" page in your browser to ensure that sessions have been cleared, then go back to your form. Here, fill in every field in your form and click submit. You should see something like the screenshot to the right.

Return to Form Tools, click the "refresh page" button at the bottom of the page, then click "Next Step ยป" to continue adding your form. This will lead you through a few more steps to set up each form field as you'd like, doing things like allocating the appropriate space in the database for each field and removing any fields you don't want (like the submit button).


If you're converting an old process.php form to the API, you may see a 101 Form Tools error code here. If that happens, check you're not still passing along an old form ID in a hidden field. That's not necessary with the API.