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Configuring your "thankyou" page

This bit's easy. At the top of your thank you page (again, don't forget it has to be a PHP file), add the following code:

Don't forget to update the path to your API file, just like with your form page.

Explanation of code

This code does two things. It returns all form values entered by the user in the $fields variable which you can to display information in the page, if you need. It also clears sessions. The API stores information supplied by the users in a temporary PHP/Database storage known as "sessions" so that the information isn't lost as they navigate from page to page. To ensure that the next time the user returns to the form they don't see the old information, this page empties the sessions.

Note: it's VERY important while you're setting up your form that sessions are cleared. Otherwise, the test values won't overridden and you'll never be able to finish setting up your form!