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Adding a POST form

Add Form - Step 2
Add Form - Step 2
Step 2 is where you enter all the main settings for your form. The screenshot to the right shows some demo settings, but you should enter the values that are relevant for your own form. Here's what all the fields mean.

Form Name
This is used within Form Tools to uniquely identify your form. If you're planning on adding lots of forms, it's important to give them the most descriptive names possible. On the form list page, you will be able to search the forms on what you enter here.
Form URLs
Enter the URL of your form.
Redirect URL
This is the URL of the final "thank you" page, where users will be redirected to after they have successfully submitted the form.
Who can access?
This setting determines who can view the form. You will later be able to further customize these permissions by creating separate form Views.