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Submission History

Other Comments

This is a big module. By and large it should work as you expect, but there are a few things here and there that you may want to know about.

  • The module only tracks changes. So if you edit a submission and just click update without editing any values, it won't add a new history item. This is not a bug! It does this by design. :)

  • When you first install the module, you may potentially have hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of records spread over your various forms. So instead of creating copies of all your submission data (which could take up HUGE amounts of space), it only ever creates a history item when that item is updated or deleted. So, in the case of when it's updated: you'll see the history on the Edit Submission page jump from no records to two records. This is unintuitive, I know. But it makes sense when you think about it. When you update a record you want to know two things: what information was there beforehand, and what just changed. So in this situation it inserts two records in the submission history table - one for each state. This is the only time you will see this happen. Updating submissions that already have some history on them will just insert a single row into the history table.

  • This module operates on the assumption that the only time the data is updated is via the Form Tools UI. So if you manually update content in the database, you will see the next history log of the affected submissions have those changes attributed to that update, and that user. Unfortunately there's no way around this just yet. Feel free to continue manually update the DB content, but bear in mind that this will be a side-effect.

  • When you browse the changes in the submission history panel at the bottom of the administrator's Edit Submission page, you may note that it always shows ALL fields: even those that don't appear in the current View. This seemed the best approach. The reason being that whenever you choose to restore a version of the submission from the history table, it's important that you can see the values for ALL fields - not just those in the current View. We wouldn't want you to restore incorrect values!