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Filename Placeholders

The following table lists all the placeholders available for use in generating filenames for the various export types. The date and time placeholders reflect the time at which the information was exported. Most of the placeholders correspond to the formatting characters used in the PHP date() function. Note that some fields, like month and day names, will be outputted in the language of the current user and could potentially lead to invalid filenames.

{$form_id} Form ID
{$export_group_name} A filename-friendly version of the export group name (non-alpha chars converted to underscores)
{$export_type_name} A filename-friendly version of the export type name (non-alpha chars converted to underscores)
{$datetime} A preformatted datetime of the form: YYYY-MM-DD.HH-MM-SS
{$date} A preformatted date of the form: YYYY-MM-DD
{$time} A preformatted time of the form: HH-MM-SS
{$Y} Year: 4 digits
{$y} Year: 2 digits
{$F} Month: January through December
{$M} Month: Jan through Dec
{$m} Month: 01 through 12
{$n} Month: 1 through 12
{$d} Day: Monday through Sunday
{$D} Day: Mon through Sun
{$j} Day: 1 through 31
{$g} Hours: 1 through 12
{$G} Hours: 0 through 23
{$h} Hours: 01 through 12
{$H} Hours: 00 through 23
{$i} Minutes: 00 through 59
{$s} Seconds (with leading zeros)
{$U} Seconds since the Unix Epoch (January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT)
{$a} AM / PM