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Forget your password?

The information on this page also applies to the administrator account as well as client accounts.

In case any of your clients forget their login information, they can just click on the "forget your password?" link on the login page. That displays a form where they can enter your username.

Unlike earlier versions of the script, Form Tools 2 encrypts all account passwords in the database with a one-way encryption mechanism. Because of this, this page no longers simply emails people with their password. Instead, the system resets the password and emails them a temporary one.

For clients who manage to forget their username as well as their password, some text appears on the page that contains the email address of the administrator informing them that they will need to get in contact with them. Note: the administrator email is pulled from the main administrator account, found on the admin's "Your Account" page.

If you, the administrator, forgets your username:

  1. Shame on you!
  2. You'll need to check the MySQL database to find your account username. Look in the [table prefix]accounts table.
  3. Give this tutorial a read over.