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The /about folder

Every theme has its own /about folder (/themes/my_module/about/) containing various "meta" information to allow it to be imported and accessible within Form Tools. This folder should contain three files:

This file contains information about the theme, to pass to Form Tools. Here's an example of this file: All fields except $theme_author_email and $theme_link are required. The $supports_ft_versions fields should contain a comma-delimited list of versions that this theme supports.
A screenshot of any page in your theme, which you feel gives the user the best sense of how your theme looks. This can be any size, but we recommend keeping it within a 1000px width so that it'll fit within most screens. This image and the following thumbnail appear in the Settings ยป Themes page, letting the administrator see all themes at a glance.
A thumbnail of your screenshot. To ensure consistency within the Form Tools UI, this thumbnail should have a width of 200px.