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Submission Pre-Parser


The module organizes your code into rules - discrete ways to organize your PHP code, letting you define what you want executed on one or more forms and to which event is taking place.

The add/edit rule page contains the following fields:

Status Whether or not your PHP code should be executed. This lets you temporarily disable processing of your PHP without having to delete it.
Rule Name A label to identify your rule in the Pre-parser rule list page.
Form This determines which form(s) will process your code.
Event This option determines for which events (i.e. functions) you want your code executed. There are three options: when the form is submitted (a "direct" submission), when the form is submitted via the API, and when the information is updated via the Form Tools UI. NOTE: the POST data for the form submission and API form submissions are different from the edit submission POST. This will be discussed in later pages.
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