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IP Security Check

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IP Security Check module
IP Security Check module

The module configuration page is pretty self-explanatory. Plus it contains a whole thwack of text already in the page, so more blurb would be unnecessary. I'll just touch on the key elements here, just so that people browsing the module doc can see how it works.

Whitelists vs. Blacklists

After installing the module, select it from your Modules page. There, you will be given the choice to define a whitelist or a blacklist.

  • A whitelist is a list of permitted IP addresses. Only computers with IP addresses on the list will be allowed to log in.
  • A blacklist is a list of banned IP addresses. Nobody on the list will be allowed to log in.

For convenience, your current IP address is listed at the top right of the module page. If you're defining a whitelist, you'll probably want to add it!

IP Ranges

As of version 1.0.1 of this module, you can now define a range of IPs, by using the "*" character. For example, *.*.*.* would match all IPs; 172.*.*.* would only match those IPs that start with 172.